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Downloading software using your web browser

To download new software using your web browser (e.g. Netscape Navigator®, Microsoft Internet Explorer, NCSA Mosaic), click on the file you wish to download. A box should appear on your screen (this could take a few seconds, it depends on how busy the site is you are downloading from) asking if you want to save to disk. On some web browsers you may need to name the file, make sure it ends with the right extension, for example ".doc", ".pdf", ".exe", ".zip", or ".hqx". Place the file in a temporary directory or folder (it's always best to have a temporary directory to work in).

After you have downloaded the software, use your File Manager (or the Finder on the Macintosh) and go to thetemporary directory you have download the program into. If the program ends in say a .zip you need another program for unzipping it with. Have a look at the program Winzip this program is very easy to use and you can have it for free. If the program ends in a .exe all you have to do is double click on the file with your mouse, this should expand the file in that directory. If the file ends with ".doc" (MS Word document), instead of saving it on your hard drive, you can choose to open it directly - just select "open it" on the box that appears when you clicked the file, but then you must specifi the program you want to use. If using a Macintosh and the file ends in .sit or .hqx you need Stuffit Expander. Most programs have readme files that you should read, most of the time they give youinformation on installing and running that program.

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